Thursday, April 10, 2008

A moral line in the sand

My editor's been hounding me to cut down on the math content. She says we're losing readership.

Me: Readership?

My Editor: Yeah.

Me: Readership?

My Editor: Yep. So can it with the heady math stuff, OK.

Me: Readership? Wait, wait. I'm sorry. Heady?

Her claim is that the number of readers gets cut in half for every post with any math in it. I told her that's good, --pretty soon we're going to be bailed out by the fed for two dollars a share.

My Editor: I don't even exist. This is a free blogspot account. You do what you want. I'm out of here.

Me: I will not water down my content. The huddled masses are clamoring for a blog solution combining a healthy dose of mathematical musings with a fun size portion of cycling punditry. They will not be denied.

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