Thursday, December 3, 2009

Epic Tales of Laundry Goings On

I needed just one more quarter for the laundromat tonight, so I went up to the Fremont street market to get some change.

I bought a 32 Oz Pyramid Breweries something or other that I didn't really want but might sometime soon. The guy at the register had exactly one quarter which was fine I guess, as that's all I needed. He had to give me nickels for the rest of my change.

Sometime soon I'm going to have to go get a roll of quarters. I apparently can't really rely on the corner bodega for my laundry coinage, it seems.

That was about it for the excitement tonight.

Monday night, on the other hand, was awesome. Morrissey at the Roseland, and I went with a good friend.

Morrissey was fabulous, of course. God bless him.

Some nights are more epic than others, I guess.